Welcome to money talks…


Well hello there! Welcome to Money Dialogue. And what do you get for being here? Hmm…Well, as the name implies, we talk about money.  This is a safe space for women to gather and get help with their finances.  

Why do we need another gathering place to talk about money? Because women of a certain age are being left out in the new wave of money help  – a lot of the discussions have a tinge of cautionary tales on why not starting early will leave you destitute in your old age. But what happens if you’re in your 30s, 40s, 50s or beyond? You’ve worked hard but haven’t been good at keeping your hard earned money.  You’ve acquired all the trappings that signify that you’ve done well for yourself but now you realise you haven’t really planned for your retirement. You may even be tired of the rat race and looking to get out and live the way you want but you’re not sure you are financially secure to do so.

So are we meant to roll over and give up because we didn’t start early? And if not, where can we learn about money management without feeling like complete fools for not knowing about it in the first place?  That place is here…

I started on this journey because I’m not very good with money.  I’m an economist and a debt counsellor. I’ve worked in financial institutions and I cut my teeth on appraising companies and banks for their creditworthiness.  So you would think I’d be an expert on money management.  I’ve been careful about credit and store cards and I did have savings but a lot of it went to medical bills for my mum.  And that’s when I knew I needed to learn how to make the money I have multiply.  There aren’t enough hours in the day to work and I don’t even want to unless I’m doing what I enjoy.  The good news is that I’m a self confessed nerd so I read a lot and I attend a lot of courses to learn more on any subject I’m interested in.  Knowledge is power, right? So I have empowered myself to the best of my abilities.  So you are in for a treat!

Together we learn the basics of money management, we understand how to deal with our spending triggers, we learn how to work with what we currently have and create a plan that helps us build wealth.  We will share our successes and our challenges. We will build each other up and empower each other during this process, giving us the strength to feel confident in the financial decisions we make, the knowledge to know when to spend and when to tighten those purse strings. 

This is not a quick fix joint. There are no miracle cures.  If you don’t put in the work, you won’t get the success you’re looking for.  There is a company behind this blog where we offer courses and workshops and training but you don’t even have to go there to pick up life altering ways to change your financial future.  

I can’t wait to get started…

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